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“You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not ?”

George Barnard Shaw

How many of you believe on this? Well I do, and yes now I can boast off that I lived my dream and made it happen. I am not talking about some fantasy land stories, but for some it was like this before I made this happen. Since 2012 I was living the dream of Delhi To Goa Road Trip, and after like almost 5 years I made it happen, yes one dream of mine got unchecked finally.

Like promises, Goa plans too are meant to be broken..Goa Se Bulawa Aya Hai 😛

keep aside the emotional touch, this is coming straight from personal experience. For some it might be laughable like me.

If you have been following my journeys from last 2 years or so, might have seen on my social media posts about my Vaishno Devi visit. Don’t get confused people, I will stick to Delhi To Goa Road Trip only, its a small part only.

In previous two years I visited Vaishno Devi twice, but I would say it took me 32 years to reach. It is very rightly said “Mata Ka Bulawa Aata hai, Koi Apne Aap Nahi Jaa Sakta (Vaishno mata invites you, one can’t visit on his own)“. Can’t remember, how many times I was inside 100 km range of Vaishno Devi, but Mata had not invited me. But when Mata called me, within a week I was there at her door, chanting Jai Mata di Jai Mata di.

Same I would say happens for Goa. Even on facebook I have seen this joke coming often on timeline “Goa ka plan to banta hi hai cancel hone ke liye (Goa plan is made to be cancelled). My first trip to Goa happened in 2012, I was there for a friends marriage. It was 2012 only when Me and Goa made a pact, “we will meet soon buddy”.

Being Unplanned Was The Plan

Since 2012 every year it would happen, me and wife would plan “Lets plan a Delhi to Goa Road trip”. Maps would be checked, hotels shortlisted, places to visit, all jotted down. But very less people win over destiny, and plan would be cancelled sooner than we could think.

This time being unplanned was the plan. No mapping no hotels nothing, just a date finalized, 11th of July. All was kept unplanned, just to start the trip was agenda. We knew once we are on road, eventually we would reach our destination.

Toughest part was to keep Madam ji less excited. That same question thrown everyday towards me “Delhi to Goa road trip status daaldun facebook par (Shall I post the Delhi to Goa trip status on my facebook)”. Here it was tough for me to make her understand the concept of “Travelers curse or Jinx”. Many a times I have heard, you tell your travel plan to somebody and a PANOTI (Curse) would fall on your plans. So keep it low my dear, keep the excitement for the last minute. Finally the D day had arrived.


Lets Begin The Journey : Delhi To Goa Road trip

Morning 3.30 AM Madam ji couldn’t sleep whole night, don’t know it was Goa or the excitement of road trip which had kept her awake whole night. Trip was about to start, bags were packed, Aloo parantha’s and Sandwiches were ready. Yes this was our way to save time on the first day, which mattered the most.

Like said before, Being unplanned was the plan but yes one plan was there, final destination has to be reached as soon as we can. Goa was in mind which was around 1836 km away as told by Google baba, though he made fool of us.


Udaipur : First stop of the Delhi to Goa Road trip


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We had left our place at 4.30 AM, though as told to our parents we were going to leave at 8.00 AM, but to avoid the panic stage of them, left early a bit. Parents being the first reason, traffic was the second behind this so early heads up. Target was to cross Udaipur first day and reach at least Surat by night.


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Lunch time & when in #Rajasthan, first choice is always my #Favourite “Kadhi kachori” … #rahionroad #roadtrip moves towards #delhitogoa . . . . . #rajasthanifood #desitraveller #food_instalove #foodpicoftheday #lunchtime #foodlover #delhitogoaroadtrip #instapic #picoftheday #foodies #foodporn #foodie #instaphoto #instadaily #incredibleindia

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It is very rightly said, What you Aim for? There is no surety you will achieve it or not?

By the evening, around 6.ooPM we had reached Udaipur, sunset of Udaipur was right in front of us. But if I say in my typical Delhi language “Pichwaade ki band baj chuki thi(Won’t translate on English :-P)”. It has been like 14 hrs sitting in one position, stopped only for some 20 mins to have a cup of tea and the very famous “Kadhi Kachori” of Rajasthan.

Finally it was decided to spend the night at Udaipur only. After sitting in an angular position for like 14 hrs, shav aasan was much needed.


Journey Continues : 2nd Stop “Mumbai”….

Battery was recharged for another leg of the journey. Trust me when there is no itinerary, no plan, things become actually very manageable. We knew our destination was still 2 days far, but we were not in hurry. Speed meter of car continuously fixed between 80-90 km/hr. What is the need of going on bullet speed, it nullifies the main purpose of a road trip, enjoying the beauty on the way.


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Dark clouds full of water which is almost about to #rain anytime with #road going through #green #mountains… This is not what you will think or hear about #rajasthan but, yes this is another reality of this #beautiful state specially in #monsoons.. Loving every moment of my #RahiOnRoad longest #roadtrip from #Delhi to #goa… . . . . . . #instapic #picoftheday #incredibleindia #lovingit #desitraveler #travel #india #photooftheday #clickindiaclick #photography #travelshots #incredibleindiaofficial #goodmorning #easyroads #coupletraveller #mr&mrs

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We were back on road, why to switch on the AC when monsoon had started showing it signs. Yes, this was the main reason of this Road trip, this year we wanted a bit longer monsoon. And those living in Delhi knows how short it is here so we decided to enter the monsoon clouds, lets say hello to them.

We were still short of around 700 Kms from our next destination of the day, Mumbai. By the time we would reach there it would be night. We had booked our hotel in Panvel, intentionally skipping the Mumbai, we knew we would have to leave early so why to get stuck in traffic jams and above all the pot holes on roads.

Trust me you Mumbai friends, if you are reading this post of mine, take this as a request. You need to do something of your roads or to say “Road in between those pot holes”. Yes to be honest I was unable to understand “Road mai pot holes hain, ya pot holes mai road hai :-P”. In my whole tour, I got the worst road in that part when I entered the Maharashtra border and went towards Panvel, in the end wise decision to avoid Mumbai.


Ab Goa Duur Nahi : Final stretch of the Tour …. Yayyyyy 


Now this part, I know how much sad I am right now writing about this last stretch. Nostalgia is that feeling which most of times makes you sad, irrespective of the time which gave that feeling. End result would always be feeling of sadness, I would say most of times this rule prevails.


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Finally the reason behind this longest #RahiOnRoad #roadtrip is right in front…. #chasingmonsoons highway leading us right into the den of #clouds which can #rain anytime like blessings… . . . . . #lovingit #picoftheday #charming #scenic #beauty #maharasthra #goa #incredibleindia #travel #desitraveler #indiatravel #indiatravelgram #igersofindia #instapic #photography #photooftheday #lush #green #mountains #yourshot_india #yourshotphotographer

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Do I need to say more after this picture of mine??? Ok Fine, Rulakar hi Manoge…

Now just imagine this. A person living in Delhi, in one of the smallest urbanized village of Delhi, who has to go to the main road to see the full size of a cloud. Just imagine, while I take a pause to gulp down the nostalgia of that day.

What would happen to him when he would see such a scene? A scene like a war is going on between the two kings and army is standing with all the armors loaded in form of Rain drops, and you are standing in the middle. I was witnessing the battle of Troy, that too Live.

If you have been to such a situation then only you would be able to understand my pain right now. To be honest this was something new for me, had never seen such beautiful clouds in Delhi, shaping up like cotton but anytime going to mingle and giving me the most happy moment of this Roadtrip.

That Last Leg…

Till now we had traveled more than 1500 km’s and still some 400 more were left according to GPS Auntie. Dream was coming into reality, and decision to take the road was turning fruitful. This back pain, this long journey, some had said save time and go by train or flight, I was going to prove them wrong.

A strange person “Black clouds” was standing right in front me, whose address we have been searching from so long. it was the time to say Hello to them….. We stopped there for a while on this flyover on the highway, strange fresh air on the highway was something which was never thought off. Let’s move on, I know you too is in a hurry to reach Goa.



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Abhi to party shuru hui hai ☺️☺️… #RahiOnRoad on reaches #Goa after the longest #roadtrip of them.. Covered around 2100km in less than 3 days.. After such long #travel staying right on the #beach.. Can expect nothing better than that #happy #excited. . . . . #goa #calangutebeach #swim #darkclouds #beachlife #travelgram #indiatravel #indiatravelgram #incredibleindia #picoftheday #instapic #travelshots #photo

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Touch Down Baby : Goa it is … Abhi to party shuru hui

Finally we had reached. After travelling long 2095 km’s, yes you read right and even I am laughing while writing this figure. Before we had left, I had planned for four long years for this journey. Every year kilometers remained same via GPS which was 1836 km’s, but where this stretch became longer I am still confused.

GPS Bua ji had supported us in whole tour, but don’t know where she took the longer stretch and made a difference of good long 300 km approx.

Like I had said to Madam ji, “We are moving towards monsoon madam, Rain would be heavy so be ready for a flop show”, same happened. We entered Goa around 9 in the night, it was heavily raining, and the same line came. Car vipers were on the full, it was tough to see, like whole trip we were being guided by GPS Bua ji. She has done her best till now.

Finally around 9.45 PM we reached our hotel, touch down baby, finally landed the foot in Goa, oh suddenly I feel like Neil Armstrong. What his feeling would have been when he landed on Moon, same was happening to us.


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Masti Time in Goa….

This Road trip was going to be awesome, we knew this from the starting. After crossing so many states, we had arrived to another part of India. But as I said, party to abhi shuru hui hai, Goa ka Bulawa aaya hai and we were going to enjoy every bit of it.

I am not fond of Selfie’s to be honest, but this tour was going another way. It was the weather of whole trip which brought these mood swings. Never did Live video on facebook or Instagram but this time it happened.


Final words for the Day…..

Where there is a will, there is a way.

This would be my last words to summarize this whole tour. I had the will to do this tour, knew it was going to happen some day and it happened. It might take some time to fulfill your dreams but its the will to achieve them which matters.

It took me 32 years to visit Vaishno Devi temple, but I kept waiting for the right moment. Same would say for this Delhi to Goa Road trip. Got planned, got cancelled but I never stopped thinking about it and finally made it, and here it is in front of your screen.

Okay, here I stop. But I am sure many would be thinking “What did it cost?”. Well I have a knack writing down the expenses incurred in any trip done by me, and same was done here.

Well that’s the catch here, you want to know, leave me a comment down below, I will surely let you know. I am sure you would be surprised.



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