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When was the last time you bought something or got a gift from somebody and had to wait for that to be opened for atleast 10 days. Ever gone through this pain, if yes then you can understand the pain of mine which I was facing from last 15 days or so. Some 15 days back Asus gifted me their yet to be launched Asus Zenfone Max, and as written it was yet to be launched so it came in a numbered lock box which was to be opened on 23rd of May 2016 only, they were going to provide the 3 digit key that day only. It was really a tough test of patience specially when anyone came at my place and saw this pandora box, and came up with a different idea to open it.

 “Give me Hammer I will open it, bring one screw driver will open it from the back and the most insane came from a cousin, lets bang it on the floor box will break, phone is in the box nothing will happen I guarantee you”

It was tough to handle people and the patience of them and mine, but finally The D Day had arrived, at 12.30 pm in a live event key was to be given, all eyes set on the website waiting for the code and clock doing the tick tock tick tock.

One hour left, test of patience is going to highest of level.. Been a week and I can’t grab this #amazing #surprise from #Asus thanks to this numbered lock to be unveiled in an hour or so #liveunplugged “I am all set, give code #Asus or my hammer n screw driver is ready” 😀😀 #excited #new #phone #launch #asusindia

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Finally after an hour or so, with some funny tweets going on, I got the code. Till this time what not I had done, posted one pic with hammer and screw driver, done some mock prayer asking Lord Ganesha for the clue or hint leading to the code, and finally I thought lets go to Jantar Mantar and do the dharna chanting “We Want Code”. All funny things going, on a lighter side trying my best to trend #LiveUnplugged, hashtag used by Asus Company on the launch of Asus Zenfone Max.


Finally it is #outofthebox #Asus #zenfonemax wait is over.. 5000 mah battery beast is in the hand now.. Wait for the full review.. #picoftheday #instapic #asusindia #phone #launched

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At last beast was in my hand, but yes it was switched on by my niece Chikki. Quoting my mothers words before opening of the pandora box, “It is in Indian culture, we Indians prefer our Girl child to do the auspicious things, switching on the new phone is also considered as an auspicious thing for us so let chikki do the task”, for me that sweet smile was much important than the culture.

Well all the buildup to open the Pandora box and getting out my new Asus Zenfone Max was done, and now it was my time to go through the new beast made by Asus people.


My New Asus Zenfone Max Breathing For First Time Out Of The Box..


Its been three days I have been using Asus Zenfone Max, just to know how much Juice it has got. First of all I would like to tell all that this phone came in “Switched On” in Aeroplane mode to me in the box. Well why I am telling this here, you would know in some following paragraphs.

Impressions of Asus Zenfone Max 

This review of mine is the third review of an Asus product, first one being Asus Zenpad 7.0 and second one being Asus Zenfone Zoom smart phone, both of these were marvel in their own sense. My expectations for Asus Zenfone Max were somewhat same, I was expecting a unique experience from this too like the previous two.

Before I go for an elaborate first Impression review of Asus Zenfone Max, I must tell the specifications of it first :-

Operating System : Android Marshmallow running 1.5 Ghz octa-core Snapdragon 615 processor.

Screen : IPS  capacitive 5.5 inch Full HD touchscreen

Protection : Gorilla Glass 4

Memory : 2 GB/ 3 GB RAM

Storage : Inbuilt 32 Gb with MicroSD card slot expandable upto 64 GB.

Camera : 13 mp Rear camera with F2.0 Laser Auto Focus / 5 mp Front facing Camera F2.0

Battery : Long Lasting 5000 Mah polymer Battery.

Weight : 202 gm


Review of Asus Zenfone Max 

Going by the full phone specifications, it looks like a winner all together. Once again Asus has come up with something which is best in its category both in features and Price, both the factors which a normal Indian looks for in a phone is available in it.

Operating System

Android Marshmallow is a refreshing change from the older Android OS versions. The Apps Permissions feature allows one to take control of access by apps in one’s smartphone, though people surely would love to have more space for apps as Asus like before comes with truck load of apps already installed in it, around 7-8Gb has already been taken in my 32 GB inbuilt storage. Zenfone Max comes with the company’s Zen UI on top, which is comfortable to use, is fast and crisp, multi tasking is quite smooth and crisp.


Screen and Sound system 

Asus Zenfone Max sports a IPS capacitive 5.5 inch Full HD touch screen guarded by Gorilla Glass 4 which is at present the toughest of screen present in the smart phone category. I am sure people must be thinking why no LED screen of Amoled Display, where others are coming up with these options. Well one must understand the basic of collage, something which takes out the performance should be left and one which provides help in giving the best performance should be kept. This phone is a smart phone and is targeted towards that buyers who carry a power bank along with their LED and Amoled sporting smart phones, whats the use of it when robs all the battery and you are left with just a paper weight in your hand.

I watched some videos on youtube on Asus Zenfone Max and they were equally clear and sharp as any LED screen smart phone would show them. Well now I have brought youtube in it, I must tell, in the box there were No Head phones and I had to use the inbuilt speakers given on the back, and man they are loud and clear thanks to Dolby Digital sound system in the phone.



Asus Zenfone Max with the Accessories that came along with it….. No Head Phones…


Memory and Storage 

This is what I loved most after battery about Asus Zenfone Max is that it has two memory options, both with 32GB ROM, and with 2GB and 3GB RAM which is the main reason that this phone is performing so well without any lags, multi tasking going very smooth and battery drain going to minimum. For me it is the main thing which I see before opting for any smart phone, 2Gb RAM is the minimum requirement and Asus Zenfone Max exceeds in it by one as well. Enough of space for me to keep my pics in it and RAM helping me in faster processing of clicks.


Camera Features and Work Ability 

Well it has been only three days I have been using this beast of smart phones, and in this hot weather of Delhi it is nearly impossible for me to go out and test the camera. But yes I did tried some shots at home and some selfies, and its 13 mp rear camera with F2.0 Laser auto focus does impressed me, though I wont say that it is the best, but it worked fine. Compared to rear camera, Selfie camera with 5mp F2.0 impressed me more. I would come up with a full camera review later on in some days, may be you would like to wait for that.



Asus Zenfone Max with the Power Bank  feature and small USB wire to connect with another phone.


Battery, Performance and much talk about Weight of the Phone  

Before starting the First Impression of Asus Zenfone Max I have mentioned “That this phone came switched On in the box on Aeroplane Mode”, If you are forgetting then please scroll up a bit.

Now I would explain why they did this? Asus Zenfone Max comes with a 5000 Mah battery in it, with a stand by time of 38 days. Yes you read it right, it is actually 38 days written. Well to prove it I need to test it on stand by mode for 38 days, but Asus proved before me. They intentionally sent me a charged phone which was packed a month ago, but when I opened it, still 24% battery was left, Isn’t it something amazing.

In today’s fast life maximum of things are done by people on their smart phones only, I check my all emails, facebook, messages and twitter on phone only. By bringing this Asus Zenfone Max smart phone, they have given the freedom to people to roam around without carrying the heavy and  bulky power banks to keep your phones charged on the go.

Now you must be thinking, if it is having such a big battery then it must be very heavy as well, well you are not alone in whose mind this though came I was also in same category. For once I had thought that this phone could be a self defense mechanism for girls, use it as hammer 🙂 but this thought of mine vanished as soon as phone was in my hand.

Yes phone weighs around 202 gm, but it has been designed in such a way that having a metal body with 5000 mah battery in it, weight has been evenly distributed to every corners that it doesn’t feel that heavy as it should. Thanks to it 5.5 inch screen size with 69% screen to body ratio and slimness of the body with a leather back gives it a sturdy feeling and it grips well in the hand. To prove this point, one line is enough to tell “I am an Apple Iphone user” :-P.


Conclusion : Whether to buy or not to buy Asus Zenfone Max

Well before reaching to conclusion I would declare, “Two of my friends called me the day when I opened the Asus Zenfone Max and posted its pic on instagram and Facebook page of mine, and asked for my review that time only, And I would proudly say They have already ordered for it”.

Now coming to conclusion, I would say “It depends on yours utility and usage”. If you come in that category of smart phone user who is all the time near to their phone, with a constant use of it whether gaming or whatsapping or a camera freak like me, then this phone is for you. Weight issue is one of those minor issues which can be easily ignored, thanks to the smart design it feels little bit more heavy than the normal smart phones but that little bit will remain little bit only, this unit wont increase.

To be honest if you are in that group which grabs a smart phone but uses only for incoming and out going calls only, then this phone is surely for you and you only. Charge it once and forget it for at least 4 days.

After all these positive points, I would surely pinpoint one negative point as well, review has to be true. Sporting a 5000 mah battery and not providing Fast charging in it is a setback, it took around 4-5 hours for me to bring the phone from 0-100%, so be ready to wait for the sleep time to come and leave the phone over night for charging.

If this review helps you in choosing your next smart phone, it would be my honour to say Thanks to you in advance.



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