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Year was going to end, 2015 had reached in its last week and it was the Happy Happy Christmas time. Gifts and decoration was in the air, everybody was talking of Christmas gift and why would I keep myself aloof from this Everybody group.

This year Christmas was going to be special for me, my gift was on the way Thanks to ASUS who were going to send me their newly launched Asus Zenpad 7.0, for the first time courier guy seemed to more important than anybody else.

This blog is specially dedicated to my most awesome Tablet Asus Zenpad 7.0 Z370CG : Luxury on your terms, after all it has become a part of my life, things have become more and more easier for me to tackle, and now I can say I am slowly becoming a tech savvy guy. Well hold on to your seats and just scroll to read my review (Bhawnao ko samjho doston), But it is advisable to blink timely which is good for eyes, and if you are already an owner of Asus Zenpad 7.0 then it would be much easier for you, its screen is such a relief to the eye, wow. Here I start ……..

First Impression This being the first tablet of mine, a 7 inch screen with 72% screen to body ratio it seemed quite big to me. Till now I had been using Apple Iphone 4S which is one of the smallest smart phones these days. Thanks to the perfectly designed Zenpad, which features a fashionable embossed leather pattern, cleanlines, a 6.35mm slim bezel and rounded edges for a more comfortable grip and ergonomic holding position, thanks to these stylish features  Zenpad took only some hours of mine to make me feel comfortable in handling it.


First Impressions


64Bit, 2GB RAM and 16GB in built storage… truly power packed tablet

“Size Does Matters But Its The Size OF Soul Which Matter Most”


Processor Well this is the main factor which one looks and should look first before grabbing any Tablet, phone or computer. Size does matters but this thing matters to inside of the product too. Well in this factor too Zenpad excels, having the soul powered with “Intel Atom x3-C3230 Quad Core Processor, 64-bit”. According to present generation apps and games this is the minimum requirement which one should look for, yes technology should be looked with this minimum word only, there is no maximum in it, its never ending and keeps evolving.

Running on Android Lollypop 5.0, Asus Zenpad 7.0 has two variants with inbuilt storage of 8 GB and 16 GB with DDR3 RAM of 2 Gb. I would suggest go for 16 GB variant, more the space more the better, as ASUS or any company would also grab some space of yours by putting some necessary pre-loaded apps.

Dolby Digital 5.1 speakers on cluch cover of the ASUS Zenpad 7.0


Dts HD Surround Sound

                                    “For Some Music is Life”


My Favorite Feature : Sound System There are some things which attract me most when it comes to selecting a phone or tablet, and in this Sound System is one. I wont call myself a music freak guy, but yes when I am on travel I need something to soothe my tiredness of whole day once I am back into my room after whole day hopping around the city. Putting the headphone in ears is not my cup of tea, I carry my small portable speakers and some stock of Ghazals. I still think ASUS has designed this piece thinking of these people only who have the liking for speakers rather than headphone. It has 1 x Front Speaker with DTS HD Premium Sound, which are enough for a silent room while you are working on your laptop looking at pics clicked on the day. Well the best part is yet to come, if your fan of some loud music ASUS has taken care of that too. This tablet Zenpad 7.0 Z370CG is the first tablet with changeable back cover and ASUS has utilized that function by providing Dolby Digital 5.1 speakers in the clutch cover of the Zenpad which act both as cover and speaker for the tablet.


Lets Peep Into The Lens : Camera of ASUS Zenpad 7.0 Finally my favorite topic has arrived. Now a days every phone or tablet is sold on four features, Operating system, Storage, Battery and the most important Camera, specially for people like me who are always looking for some action or some shot to be included in the memory, after all visual memory is the strongest memory and Camera specifications of any device should respect this fact. Well talking of Camera of ASUS Zenpad 7.0, I would rate it 7/10. But yes I would also say being a tablet this 7 is seriously a good rating. It has a 8 Megapixel rear camera with aperture F2.0 and front facing camera has 5 mega pixel lens which average for selfies.



 Toys of Nephew…. Once again Bokeh Effect


Flowers of my Garden : Auto Mode


It would be unfair if I don’t adhere to my own words, Visual memory is the strongest memory. Just putting rating on the camera specs without showing the proof of it would be unfair with my awesome tablet Asus Zenpad 7.0. Above three pics are clicked on normal day light on auto mode and another feature “Depth of Field” which helps in getting an amazing Bokeh effect. Day was bit sunny bit foggy, sun playing hide and seek with me but somehow me and my tablet managed to get these amazing pics.


Moral of the Story : Final Verdict At the end I am going to pour my heart out in respect of this beautiful creation Asus Zenpad 7.0.

Technology has reached to that level when it is evolving day by day, may by the time my this review is over one more better piece would have arrived in the universe. Main thing one has to understand is the utility. As soon as this tablet was in my hand, first thing which I was thinking was “What difference it can bring into my life”, and now I can say yes it has brought a lot of difference. It is saving the life of my laptop :)) my most of day to day task I am doing on this tablet only, its been like 15 days it is in my hand and already it has left a mark there.

Weighing around 350gm it is not that heavy when you can’t handle it in your hand on the move, though it would become heavy when attach the smart clutch with speaker, but after luxury has its own cost. And this clutch adds extra juice to your tablet as well, with its inbuilt 3450 Mah battery it can last for 8 hours but with cluctch attached this would exceed to 14hrs, or your can a whole day work without any hassles.

“With a significantly improved display and sound experience, the ASUS ZenPad 7.0 Z370CG will become an indispensible tablet for users who want just one device – the one they never want to be without.” – Mr. Samsun Hu, Head Asus Tablet

With the help of Quotations from Mr. Samsun Hu speech, I would say it is living upto every word of him, and in around 12k INR nothing could be as better as Asus Zenpad 7.0 Z370CG. Thank you Asus for your lovely gift.

Happy New year to All



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