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In two days New Delhi is going to witness the battle of the year, every body would be going to caste their vote for the assembly elections of New Delhi, Thanks to Aam Aadmi Party who brought us to this situation. Well past is past and for which our acclaimed leader Mr. Arvind Kejriwal “The Masiha of Delhi population, who is going to bring a corruption free government for them”, or if I say in my own words I guess he is the only person in India who is following the thumb rule of Democracy “Government of the People for the People and by the People”, has already apologised.

Well this post is not about the democracy, nor I am going to explain that much. Its only about one simple thing which is getting the maximum mileage in the nation “Free WiFi” in Delhi, Ohh once again I will have to thank Mr.Arvind Kejriwal, who has brought this point in his manifesto.


Aam Aadmi party campaigners holding the board FREE WiFi in Rajiv chowk


One fine day some weeks back when me and my fellow travellers Prasad NP and Mareillen Ward were hanging around in Rajiv chowk, enjoying the sun going down in the middle of the road, these guys from the Aam Aadmi party were standing at one corner and promoting their new strategy to lure voters to vote for them.

Free Wifi in Delhi, wow politics have come so down like the road side restaurants of India who once used to put their food menu outside the restaurant and now they also hang the board written in bold letters Free WiFi. India is changing drastically, including Delhi where the mobile density has reached above 100% meaning every person having more than one cell phone. But here the issue was not about the cell phone density, point of discussion came when we asked them “Rajiv chowk is already having Free Wifi, so what different you are doing?”

Answer of these campaigners was something which surprised us

“Presently Rajiv Chowk has Free Wifi for 20 minutes and after that you have to pay sir, But we will increase it to 30 minutes”

Trust me, we just replied with a big laugh and moved forward. But yes, Mareillen did asked me “Are you going to VOTE for AAP for those extra 10 minutes Tarun”, and I replied atleast not for this, let them come with a full manifesto lets see if they have something more interesting.

This conversation had ended and lost somewhere in the memory, and I am sure it wouldn’t have come out in this form if I wouldn’t have met “Dr.Karan The Flag Man” yesterday at Mirza Ghalib’s haveli in Chandni Chowk.


Met Dr.Karan “The Flag Man” who has been carrying tricolour flag of #India in his hand from two decades and promoting “No Corruption”… He came all the way from #Kashmir to #Delhi to work with #AAP and help them win this #Elections … But I still wonder why he was mute when I asked him “Did people ever wanted #FREEWIFI in Delhi, Is it seriously a priority of #AAP to spend INR 200Cr to provide this uncalled for thing to people of Delhi”…

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Standing in front of Mirza Ghalib’s statue who spent his last days in this haveli of Chandni chowk, living as tenant. Me and my friend Vishal Kataria were just observing that statue and having a look to his preserved books kept there.

Suddenly from the back one sound came “AAP log kahan se aaye hain (Where are you from?). One old uncle ji, white beard, wearing a white cap and white kurta pyjama, Holding Indian constitution book in one hand and tri colour flag of India in one hand. Wow, almost a look alike of Mirza Ghalib was standing in front of her, with a new avatar.

I stared a bit more, from his look only I could make out that he is promoting Aam Aadmi Party, but soon this Hello would turn into such an interesting talk.

It was the introduction session, and in which he highlighted

“I have come from Jammu & Kashmir to witness this battle of Aam Aadmi Party who has come up as an option for the Aam Aadmi of India… I worked in health department on a high post but always had an issues, never found the right environment to work freely and with own rules importantly corruption free”.

This was the brief introduction of him in between which I raised my question “So who you think is better for Delhi?”.

Well “Meri Dilli Tamanna to Aam Aadmi Party ki hai” (My heart wishes for AAP). I asked Why?

This was the time when the actual conversation was going to start. A day before only I had seen Ravish talking to Mr.Arvind Kejriwal and asking him, “So you would be providing Free WiFi, How much subsidy you are going to give, Don’t you think it would be an indirect burden on tax payer?”, Mr Flag man had seen this same thing and he very nicely nodded so what wrong he is saying.

Now this was my turn to bowl and do some swing like Shane warne, “So karan ji please tell me only one thing, I would like to ask you this as Mr.Arvind Kejriwal is not present here, When did Delhi people asked for FREE WiFi ? Do you think when everybody has internet on mobile, everybody is using it but still nobody in Delhi has ever raised a voice that we want Free WIFI in whole Delhi, then why thinking of it, can’t you spend that money somewhere where it is actually needed?”

I continued asking him many question. How many works stopped in Delhi when it was under president rule? Is spending Rs 200cr on Free WIFI worth?

And one last thing which made him watch the roof of the Mirza Ghalib haveli,when I told him

“Sir nothing is free in this world, and what your so called leader Mr.Arvind Kejriwal is doing is, he is hiding the star sign which companies put on free word, which means “Terms and conditions to follow”. Actually they would be providing free wifi only for 30 minutes and after that it will be charged”. Why don’t you disclose this?

With very soft voice only one line came from him “So you know everything, what can I tell you now”

But still he said “Mr.Kejriwal had apologized for his resignation and I think Delhi people should give him a chance”, I asked What if Sheila Dikshit apologize for common wealth debacle, Congress doing same for all the scams, Would you appeal to people giving them the one last chance?

Once again he was Mute.

Finally I gave him my last words “Sir every time election department say “VOTE for CANDIDATE not PARTY”, do you think people are voting for their candidate or Arvind Kejriwal, which they did in Narendra Modi case too, its the same Lehar, but you think is Lehar fashion is good for India’s future.

Well this argument had no end, seriously to change the frame of mind of somebody when he is inclined towards a political party is one of the toughest of things to do, neither I was interested in doing that. I just wanted to know the logic behind this FREE WIFI campaign of AAP, and to answer that somebody who is campaigning for them is ideal thing to do. Wish he could also change my frame of mind, wish he could give me some logical answer behind this FREE WIFI campaign of AAP.

We were on the move, discussing about Mr.Karan The Flag Man, and our discussion was not over we saw him again on the street of chandni chowk, he was picking one cap of AAP fallen on road, saving that cap from getting ruined in the traffic. Hats off to this old fellow, I wish his dream of watching India corruption free comes true someday.


NOTE : This post is not a part of any political campaign, neither this post has any intention of promoting any political party. Its the doubt of a Delhi guy which he is asking publicly.


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